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Many people are put off from buying that glorious spray of white blooms in the shop for fear of messing up the arrangement when they finally get home. Granted, flower arrangement is truly an art form that can come alive in the hands of a gifted arranger. But that does not mean you can not make your own creative arrangements for you, the family, and visitors’ enjoyment.

• Household Containers

Even if you haven't got a single vase in the house, you can still enjoy cut flowers. Wine, beer, and mineral water bottles come in interesting shapes and colours. These containers effectively make arrangement a very basic affair that anyone can do. Choose flowers with large heads like gerbera, lilies, orchids or sunflowers - add one stem per bottle and line them up on your mantelpiece for instant style.
Jugs, teapots, tumblers and even jam jars can all be used for displaying flowers and other plants. With smaller containers such as teapots and jam jars, the flowers look better with the stems cut short. This style makes the flowerheads appear to "float" on the rim of the pot. Choose flowers with full heads like dahlias, carnations, chrysanthemums and daffodils. Mass in separate colours or fill out with interesting foliages for a rural countryside look. Glasses and jars can also be put inside more attractive non-waterproof containers to hold the water for the flowers.

• Colourful Alternates

Maybe you have a lot of flower vases, but you think it's ugly or the colour doesn't go with your flowers. Try wrapping a piece of cloth, like a scarf, around it by placing the vase in the middle, pull up the fabric around and tie with a ribbon or even a rubber band at the neck. Cheap, colorful crepe and Japanese paper will also substitute nicely, just be careful when you put in the water. Your color coordination efforts are then easily accomplished with these tips.

Alternatively cover the outside of the vase in double-sided adhesive tape, then stick large leaves vertically around. Tuck the ends of the leaves underneath and stick them down, then tie the vase in the middle with string. Some houseplant leaves look wonderful for this as they are glossy or have interesting markings or colours. If you have no leaves, wind string - plain or coloured - in coils around the bottles and jars for an ethnic look or a satin ribbon for a shiny finish.

• Still not satisfied?

If you really are unsuccessful at arranging your flowers or you have had a few disasters in trying the above, then a lovely way of displaying flowers is to cut off individual flower heads and float them in a low dish of water. You can also add small floating candles for a dinner party table-centre.



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